Google Vault Mapping File Limitation

During a Google Vault migration, you may come up with an error message: “Warning: The PST mapping file contains some missing target address entries. It needs to be adjusted manually.” What causes the PST mapping file error Google Vault export is generating 1 pst file for every 1Gb of data. Cloudiway generates mapping files up […]

How To Migrate Data From Google To Microsoft 365?

After initially choosing to use Google Workspace in your work environment, you’ve now decided to switch to Microsoft 365. This article explains how to migrate from Google to Microsoft 365 using a combination of Cloudiway products. Features of the Cloudiway tools Cloudiway provides a single solution for all the steps of your migration: user and […]

How to Synchronize Lotus Notes contacts on the Lotus Domino server

Lotus Notes contacts are stored locally on the user’s laptops. In order to migrate them, each user must first replicate their personal contacts into their mailbox (NSF database) stored on the Domino server.   To synchronize contacts, each user must do the following: Start the Lotus Notes Client and log in From File Menu, click […]

How to Migrate Teams Private Channels

When migrating Teams with private channels it is important to understand how the private channel content is managed in Office 365. Standard Teams with standard channels by default share the same SharePoint site Document Library separating the channel files by folder. You can even see this site in your SharePoint Admin Center. When creating private […]

How To Edit A Mapping Table Of Mail Routing Platform

In, click on the Mail Routing tab on the left, then InBound At the bottom of the page, click on Users, then select Import Users CSV Note: your CSV file should contain a header with SourceEmail and TargetEmail   Click on the File button to select your CSV file Specify your separator in the Separator field; for example, type a semicolon (;), a comma […]

How Slack Migration Works

Cloudiway migrates all Slack Channels, Private and Standard. The Cloudiway migration tool supports all versions of Slack, standard, paid, and unpaid. Slack Channels are migrated into Microsoft Teams. When migrating Slack to MS Teams, you have 3 options: 1- Migrate a Slack Channel into a Team (General Channel of the Team). 2- Migrate a Slack […]

How To Remigrate A Mailbox (Or Drive Or Site Or Team)

The principle of delta pass is that already migrated items are never migrated again to avoid duplicates. Therefore, you cannot reuse the same license to migrate 2 times the same mailbox. If you want to remigrate a second time the same mailbox, you have to delete the user from the cloudiway user list, recreate him […]

How To Move A Domain Between Office 365 Tenants?

Migrate mails between Office 365 tenants and keep the existing domain This article explains how to migrate mails between two Office 365 tenants while keeping the same domain name (ie: move a domain from one tenant to another). The main challenge is that a domain can be attached to only one Office 365 tenant at […]

How To Check The Creation Date Of An Event In Outlook?

This article is applied for Office 365 or Exchange in the source. For performance reasons, the platform does not migrate events older than 3 years. Here you find the instructions, on how to verify the creation date of an event in Outlook. To check the date of creation of an event in Outlook: Open an […]

How To Migrate IMAP Servers With Cloudiway Migration Platform?

This article explains how to migrate your IMAP server to Google Apps, Office 365, or Exchange with the Cloudiway tools. IMAP Migration Modes There are several IMAP servers on the market, each working differently. One of the biggest challenges for IMAP migrations is being able to create an IMAP administrator account with permissions to read […]

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