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Microsoft Office 365 Migration FAQs

Following the Migration Between Microsoft 365 Tenants solution page, the limitations list page. You will find below our answers to the most FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) on MS Office 365 tenant to tenant migration.   1. Mailbox Does the migration retain all user settings (folder structure, read/unread status, public/private calendar entries, flags, reminders, notes, contacts, […]

Google Throttling Limitations

Cloudiway migrates Google Apps mail using the IMAP protocol for which Google imposes throttling limitations. Reaching the limit triggers a safeguard that temporarily suspends the account. See Typically, Google allows a download of between 2.5 and 3.5 GB of data per day after which it may disable the user account for up to 24 hours. […]

Sharepoint Migration Limitations

This article describes the current limitations of the solution. Limitations Versioning Versioning enables you to store, track, and restore items in a list and files in a library as they are changed. The Sharepoint migration migrates the currently used version of items and files. The other versions are not migrated. Workflows SharePoint workflows are pre-programmed mini-applications that […]

G Suite To Microsoft 365 Mail Migration Limitations And Throttling Policies

Let’s talk about performance: G Suite to Office 365 mail migration There are several considerations regarding email migration performance. The Cloudiway migration platform uses all available resources to provide the fastest migration possible and can support both small and large migrations. The on-demand migration engine allocates the capacity that you need to migrate the volume of […]

Microsoft Office 365 Tenant Migration Tools Overview

This article describes Microsoft Office 365 to Office 365 migration limitations and what is migrated with the platform. Mailbox migration Migrated: Mailboxes (emails, folders, contacts, tasks, inbound rules, notes, journal). Shared, Rooms and equipment mailboxes are recreated and migrated. Primary and secondary calendars. Litigation hold (Recoverable Items) folders: migrated natively , hidden folders are migrated […]

How Do I Create An Account On Cloudiway?

It’s free and really easy to join in Cloudiway migration and coexistence platform. Creating an account gives you access to our Free trial and Free support ticket service. Tip: We recommend not creating more than one account to keep all information in one place. You can allow access to your project to external users, learn […]

Calendar Migration

This article explains how Cloudiway migrates calendars. Main features Supports delta passes. Calendars are synchronized. Updates and deletions between two passes are propagated. Owner Field is migrated correctly (despite the fact that Exchange does not allow you to set/modify this field). Links between appointments are preserved (after the migration, if a user cancels an appointment, […]

Duplicates Management During File and Site Migration

In the File or Site Migration Global Settings, you can choose whether a file at the target should be kept if a file at the source has an identical name. During a File or Site migration, your files already exist in the target prior to the migration. They were either migrated manually or with another […]

Delta Pass During Mail Migration

This article describes how delta migration works. Delta migration during a Mail Migration Cloudiway migration internally stores a reference (messageID or ItemID)  to all items it migrates. When you remigrate a mailbox (delta pass), items that have already been pushed are not migrated again. The delta pass mechanism ensures that no duplicate content is created in the […]

Unable To Run A Delta Pass (More Than 3 Months Old)

While starting a new delta pass, you are hitting the error message “Unable to run a delta pass. Your first successful pass is more than 3 months old”. Licenses have no expiration date. Once you have purchased a license, you can use it whenever you want. However, once you have succesfully migrated a user, a […]

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