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Why File Licenses are needed for Google Sites Migration

Google Sites and GDrive work closely together since you can embed Google Drive documents or folders in a Google Sites. This article explains how Cloudiway proceeds and why you need File Migration Licenses to migrate your Google Sites. Google Drive Files Embedded In A Google Sites Google Sites stores only the file ID of the […]

Free Busy Queries Between Google And Office 365

The main feature of the coexistence server is to perform Free busy queries between Google Apps, Office 365, and Exchange servers. This allows the sharing of free/busy information between Google, Office 365, and Exchange servers. Cloudiway coexistence server is a set of services that enables Google Apps, Office 365, and Exchange to query the calendar […]

How To Create Azure Apps Registration

This article explains how to register an application in Azure Active Directory to give access to Graph APIs. The following steps will generate the Client Id, the Client Secret, the Private Key, and the Password needed in your Cloudiway connectors. Step 1: Create the Certificate for the new Application. Using PowerShell, follow the below command lines […]

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