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Switch Domain Global Action

Typically in an Office 365 to Office 365 migration, you will set up your project to access the primary SMTP address of the user in both the source and target.  Since one domain cannot exist in two Office 365 tenants, these email addresses will be different. In the final stages of the project, you will […]

Google Shared Drives Permissions Mappings

The Google Shared Drives preprocessing task creates the target, whether it is a Microsoft Teams or a Sharepoint modern Site, and maps the memberships based on your mapping table. 1 – If you are migrating from Google Shared Drives to Sharepoint, here is what you should expect: Manager: The user or Group will be added […]

Shared Mailbox Migration

Shared Mailbox Migration in Office 365 Cloudiway’s mailbox migration tool has a separate migration list to manage the migration of shared mailboxes between Office 365 Tenants.  This migration tool can be used to identify shared mailboxes in the source tenant and populate the migration list, as well as provision shared mailboxes in the target. The […]

Rooms and Equipment Migration

Cloudiway’s mailbox migration tool has a separate migration list to manage the migration of Rooms and Equipment in Google to Office 365 and Office 365 to Office 365 migrations.  This migration tool can be used to identify Rooms and Equipment in the source tenant and populate the migration list, as well as provision Rooms and […]

Mail Routing – Test Inbound Or Relay Configuration

After you have done and submitted your inbound or relay configuration of Mail Routing, you can test it by using the PowerShell built-in cmdlet “Send-MailMessage”. Open a new PowerShell console and type the following command: Send-MailMessage -SmtpServer <IPAddress> -From <SenderEmail> -To <EmailToTest> -Subject “Test Cloudiway Mail Routing” -Body “This is a test.” <IPAddress>: Use the IP given in the help info panel […]

What Kind Of License Do I Need To Migrate Mail Archives?

Cloudiway migrates Google Vault mail archives and Office 365 In-Place archives to any target. This article explains the pricing system. Google Vault and Office 365 mail archive migrations are treated the same way as the standard mail. To migrate your archives, you should buy an individual Archive migration license per user and set up a separate list of mail archives for migration. […]

Mail Routing Platform For Migrating Mails Between Office 365 Tenants

As explained in this article, it is difficult to migrate a domain name from one Office 365 tenant to another. This is because during such migration, the domain name could be unavailable for two days and mail delivery is affected during this time. Fortunately, there is an alternative solution. Cloudiway provides a mail routing platform that […]

Self-Service Migration With Cloudiway

When migrating mailboxes from Zimbra, IMAP, or O365 to O365 you may find that a source administrator account is not an option to be used during the setup of the migration tools.  Instead, you will need to ask the user for the credentials to their source mailbox.  This is possible when using the Cloudiway mail […]

Zimbra Connector Configuration

This article explains how to configure a Zimbra Connector to use the Cloudiway migration platform. Go to Connectors, click NEW, select Connector Type Zimbra. Enter the Connector Name, check Mail. In the Connector Configuration: Enter the Administration Server Name, the Server Name, Administrator Account. Domain Names: enter the Domain Names to manage. Cloudiway migration platform […]

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