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How to Install the OneDrive Viewer Web Part

The Google Site Migration product migrates Google Drive content to the OneDrive of the users. There is no default OneDrive viewer for folder content in SharePoint. Cloudiway provides a OneDrive folder viewer. You need to install it on your tenant before the migration of your sites. Navigate to the SharePoint admin portal: https://<tenantname> Click on […]

SharePoint Online Site TemplateName (ID)

During your SharePoint Online migration, you may want to enter the TemplateName in the CSV list. Coming from this source, you will find below the list of the different “modern” templates (TemplateName or “Template ID”):

How To Upload The Users/Groups CSV File?

During a migration, a CSV file is used to do the correspondence between the source and the target users/sites or groups. To add your users or groups, go to the product Mails, Files, or Sites / Groups from the side menu. Select User List or Site/Group List. There are several options to configure your list: […]

How native Google Drive files are migrated

This article explains how native Google Drive files are migrated. During a migration from a Google Drive to another system (OneDrive or SharePoint Online), native Google Drive files are converted to Microsoft Office documents. The following table shows how they’re matched up: During migration from one Google Drive to another, native Google Documents are migrated as native Google […]

Delta Pass During Google Sites Migration

Cloudiway Migration platform supports delta migration for all kinds of data (Mails, Files, collaborative Google Sites). This article describes how delta migration is working when migrating Google sites. Delta during Google sites migration When migrating from Google sites to SharePoint Online, the Cloudiway migration stores all migrated item IDs and dates of modification internally. The […]

Microsoft Teams Audit Script

The script provided in this article performs an audit of the Microsoft Groups and Teams and tries to determine if it’s still being used. The initial script can be found here: It has been slightly modified to fix few bugs. The current version of the Cloudiway script can be downloaded here.   What it […]

Do I need a Global Admin Service Account for Cloudiway?

All Cloudiway migration tools require some sort of service account with its own set of permissions to function properly. However, not all service accounts require Global Admin or Super Admin rights to your Office 365 or Google tenant. Each migration product has its own Admin Guide describing the full pre-requisites of the tools your project […]

Google Workspace To Office 365 FAQs

Following the Google Workspace (G Suite) to Office 365 solution page, the what is migrated and what are the limitations page including a complete list of items. You will find below our answers to the most FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) on G Suite to Office 365 migration. General Google Drive Gmail Mail Calendar Contacts Google Sites Miscellaneous 1. […]

How to find your Azure Blob storage account name and key

If you want to migrate from or to Azure Blob Storage, you need to enter your container name and the associated access key. Access to your storage account. Select a container (account name), then click on Access keys. Copy your account name and storage access key, you can now create your connector following this page.

Personal Access Tokens

Personal Access Token are credentials that you can use to access data using the Cloudiway Rest APIs. Go to ACCOUNT > Security Click on NEW TOKEN Enter the Name, select your Project. Set the Expiration date, 30, 60 days, or choose a date in the calendar. Check the box needed for your token, in this […]

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