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Set Impersonation Permissions In Exchange 2010 Or Later

Cloudiway uses impersonation for accessing user mailboxes. Cloudiway automatically configures impersonation if the account defined in the connector is the administrator of Exchange. How to set impersonation permissions in Exchange 2010 or later Sometimes, the automatic procedure doesn’t work. For example, if the migration account defined in the connector is not administrator of the Exchange infrastructure, the automatic […]

Zimbra Migration: What You Need To Know

This article explains how Zimbra servers are migrated. For more details, please check out our admin guide. The Cloudiway migration platform supports Zimbra server migration. There are two modes of migration: migration with an admin account that has all necessary delegations to all mailboxes; and, self-service migration (when it’s not possible to have a delegated […]

How To Make Sure The OneDrive Account Exists?

Problem: During a File migration or Preprocessing, you are facing the error message “OneDrive account not found” or “User’s mysite not found”. Cause: The OneDrive account is not found, either in the source or in the target. You can check in the error message if the problem is occurring in the source or target. It’s […]

Make Sure Your Tenant Name, Domain, Client Id And Client Secret Are Correct

Problem You’re trying to migrate from or to OneDrive and you’re facing a fatal error: Unable to get Personal OneDrive URL at the source (or target). Settings in your connector (source or target) are incorrect. One of these fields is incorrect: Tenant name is incorrect Domain name is incorrect ClientId and Secret are incorrect Resolution […]

Microsoft Office 365 Migration FAQs

Following the Migration Between Microsoft 365 Tenants solution page, the limitations list page. You will find below our answers to the most FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) on MS Office 365 tenant to tenant migration.   1. Mailbox Does the migration retain all user settings (folder structure, read/unread status, public/private calendar entries, flags, reminders, notes, contacts, […]

Office 365 To Office 365 Migration: Get Started

Objective As more organizations move to Microsoft 365 during mergers and acquisitions, they need robust solutions to consolidate their Office 365 infrastructure and services. This article explains how to migrate between Microsoft 365 tenants using a combination of Cloudiway products. Features of the Cloudiway solution Cloudiway provides a single solution for all the steps of your […]

Sharepoint Migration Limitations

This article describes the current limitations of the solution. Limitations Versioning Versioning enables you to store, track, and restore items in a list and files in a library as they are changed. The Sharepoint migration migrates the currently used version of items and files. The other versions are not migrated. Workflows SharePoint workflows are pre-programmed mini-applications that […]

G Suite To Microsoft 365 Mail Migration Limitations And Throttling Policies

Let’s talk about performance: G Suite to Office 365 mail migration There are several considerations regarding email migration performance. The Cloudiway migration platform uses all available resources to provide the fastest migration possible and can support both small and large migrations. The on-demand migration engine allocates the capacity that you need to migrate the volume of […]

Microsoft Office 365 Tenant Migration Tools Overview

This article describes Microsoft Office 365 to Office 365 migration limitations and what is migrated with the platform. Mailbox migration Migrated: Mailboxes (emails, folders, contacts, tasks, inbound rules, notes, journal). Shared, Rooms and equipment mailboxes are recreated and migrated. Primary and secondary calendars. Litigation hold (Recoverable Items) folders: migrated natively , hidden folders are migrated […]

How Metadata Are Migrated During File And Site Migrations

This article explains how metadata are migrated when migrating from Google Drive, OneDrive, Google Sites, or SharePoint to OneDrive or SharePoint. Migrating metadata During a file migration from Google Drive or OneDrive to OneDrive or to SharePoint libraries, metadata are migrated by default. This also applies to site migrations from Google Sites or SharePoint to […]

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