Unable To Access An Account Or Mailbox

Unable to access an account or mailbox. Problem During migration to Exchange or Office 365, you’re hitting the following error: Unable to access an account or mailbox. Cause Most probably, Office 365 doesn’t know to which mailbox to connect to. It may happen if the account exists twice — once as an active account and once […]

The Remote Server Returned An Error (401) Unauthorized

The request failed. The remote server returned an error: (401) Unauthorized. Problem During migration to or from Exchange or Office 365, you’re getting the following error: Fatal error during migration process: The request failed. The remote server returned an error: (401) Unauthorized. Cause 1: during mail migration 1- The username and passwords entered in the […]

Error File Processing: AccessDenied

Problem While migrating to SharePoint Online or OneDrive, you’re getting the following error: Error File processing: <filename>: AccessDenied. Cause If you believe that the admin account has permissions to the OneDrive or SharePoint library, it’s possible that the SharePoint site has been set to read-only. Resolution Reactivate the site as read/write.

The SMTP Address Has No Mailbox Associated With It

Problem While migrating a user to Office 365 or Exchange using Cloudiway, you see the following error : “The SMTP address has no mailbox associated with it” or “Der SMTP-Adresse ist kein Postfach zugeordnet” (in German). Cause The target is incorrectly configured. If the target is Office 365, either the account does not exist or […]

Unexpected Execution Delay

Problem This message doesn’t mean that an error has occurred. It’s there to inform you that an operation is abnormally long. Cause Some operations during the migration process can be longer than expected. The execution delay may therefore exceed the average delay. Examples include a mailbox folder tree with several hundred items, or when a […]

Cannot Find Matching Timezone

Problem You see the error “Cannot find matching timezone” during the migration of an appointment. Cause During the migration of appointments, the format of attributes like the timezone has to be converted. Resolution Contact Cloudiway to update its timezone definition and launch a delta migration to migrate any impacted appointments.

ErrorMailboxStoreUnavailable – ErrorTimeoutExpired – ErrorBatchProcessingStopped

Problem You’re getting this error message when the source or target Exchange server (or office 365) is not accessible anymore. Cause The connection to the source or to the target Exchange server may be throttled due to high load on the server. Resolution If the error (ErrorMailboxStoreUnavailable, ErrorTimeoutExpired, ErrorBatchProcessingStop) happens only one time, the item […]

Autodiscovery Not Set. Trying Hardcoded ServerName

Problem You start mail migration of selected users and you see the following error: Autodiscovery not set. Trying hardcoded serverName value Cause Cloudiway uses the autodiscovery mechanism to determine which Exchange server to connect to. The auto-discovery mechanism is based on DNS resolution. See for more information. When Office 365 is defined as source or target, if […]

Failed To Write Item: MIME Content Conversion Failed

Problem During a Mail migration, the migration of an appointment or or mail items fails with the error message: Error:”Failed to write Appointment : MIME content conversion failed” or Error writing mail (code 2) : ErrorMimeContentInvalid. Cause This message indicates that Exchange is not able to convert the appointment or the mail to the RFC822 […]

Duplicate Entries Allowed In The User List

Cloudiway allows duplicate entries in the user list and, this can end up with duplicate items in the same target after migration, especially when you run multiple tests without removing users after each one.   During your tests, you may want to migrate n times the same mailbox in order to test various settings. Therefore […]

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