SharePoint Online : Enable Custom Script

You’re migrating from a SharePoint site to a SharePoint site, and you’re missing many pages in the target site: You need to make sure that the custom script is enabled in your target tenant. SharePoint Online requires the custom script to be enabled to migrate the pages. Otherwise, you’ll get the following error for the […]

How To Open A Support Ticket

Cloudiway has support and analysis tools. Cloudiway support is free but can’t be unlimited, please make sure you have read and accepted all the conditions explained in the following article before opening a ticket: Support Rules   Once you have created your account, your project, purchased licenses and followed the admin guides. Our support entry point […]

Support Rules

Cloudiway support is free but can’t be unlimited. Cloudiway has support rules to minimize time spent on processing and solving tickets.  This is the price to pay to keep support free. If you do not agree with the following rules of free support, you have the ability to purchase paid services or paid support.   […]

Domain Name Fatal Error

Your migration may end up in fatal error with this message: DomainName in source connector is not correct or DomainName in target connector is not correct   Add the domain name of the affected user in the appropriate connector If you are hitting this error, you should add the domain name(s) mentioned in the Cloudiway […]

The Target Mailbox Size Differs From The Source

During a Mail migration You noticed that the size of the target mailbox is different from the size of the source mailbox. As data gets moved from one environment to another, size may change considerably. Cloudiway does not increase or decrease the size of the migrated content. Differences between the source and destination The change […]

Difference Between Total And Migrated Items

At the completion of a mailbox migration, you might notice a difference between the number of migrated emails and the total number of items in the source mailbox. What is the reason? There are several reasons for this and this doesn’t mean that there are missing emails. Some migrated items are ignored The platform migrates […]

ListUsers Error Google (Domain Not Found)

When running Get List in Files -> User List for a GSuite connector, the task fails with the following error message: ListUsers Error Google.Apis.Requests.RequestError Domain not found. [404] Errors [ Message[Domain not found.] Location[ – ] Reason[notFound] Domain[global] ] Cause The domain name configured in the platform for the GSuite connector is invalid. Resolution Make […]

Configuration Issue Is Preventing Authentication Error

When PreProcessing a Team, you may encounter the following error: A configuration issue is preventing authentication – check the error message from the server for details. You can modify the configuration in the application registration portal. See for details. Original exception: AADSTS7000218: The request body must contain the following parameter: ‘client_assertion’ or ‘client_secret’. The […]

Throttling Limit Reached, Stopping Migration

You notice the error “Throttling limit reached, stopping migration” in the user migration logs. Cause 1 Google connector: Cloudiway migrates Google Apps mail using the IMAP protocol for which Google imposes throttling limitations. Reaching the limit triggers a safeguard that temporarily suspends the account. See Typically, Google allows a download of between 2.5 and 3.5 GB […]

Contents (Contacts, Appointments, Files) Are Ignored

You are migrating a mailbox and you are seeing ignored items. This article explains what are ignored items. You may have ignored mails or ignored calendars if you are migrating between specific date ranges. You may have ignored mails if migration of Trash is disabled. The platform migrates the mails. When an item is not […]

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