Pre-Processing Error – Wrong Tenant

You are migrating to or From Microsoft 365 tenants and hit an error saying something similar to: Pre-Processing Error for (username) : Error Authenticating : invalid_resource…(additional error info)…  You might have sent your authentication request to the wrong tenant. This error is common in cases where the source or target Office 365 connector contains an incorrect […]

Can’t Edit Appointments After Migration

This article explains why users cannot edit an appointment after migration and how to address it. In Office 365 (Exchange), only the owner of an appointment can edit it. Outlook and OWA determine who is the owner of an appointment based on the Organizer field. It reads the Organizer field and verifies if you are […]

How to remove the licenses limit in the project

You can use Cloudiway to migrate your data to the cloud or between cloud providers In the Cloudiway Cloud Migration platform,  if you face this error “Initialization error: Limit of allowed licenses reached” you may need to check the limit number of licenses that a project can consume. To do so, edit the project by […]

Wrong Permission Everyone Except External Users In OneDrive

You are migrating your OneDrives between tenants using the Cloudiway migration platform. Sometimes, a default permission “Everyone except External users in OneDrive” appears in all files and folders in your OneDrive. This permission has not been created by the Cloudiway platform. The Cloudiway platform creates permissions on individual files and folders. But this permission comes […]

Cloudiway License Is Invalid

You are using one of the Cloudiway’s Cloud Migration solutions Before starting the migration, a mail, file, group, etc., you may get the message “License Is Invalid”.  This is due to the type of license you are using to migrate that source.  More information on license can be found here: Please make sure you […]

Migration Status: License Exceeded

During your migration, a user, site, group, etc., migration may stop with the message “License Exceeded”.  This is due to the limitations of the license you are using to migrate that source.  More information on license limits can be found here: To continue the migration, you will need to make sure there are more […]

Troubleshoot Permissions Or Membership Migration Issues

During migration, you may hit 2 distinct problems, very similar in the resolution: Migration of permission issue: one or more permissions may not be migrated Migration of group membership issue during a group or a site migration. For troubleshooting these issues, please follow these steps and if necessary, open a ticket to our support and […]

Cloudiway Support And Services SLA

Support SLA (Service-Level Agreement) Standard Support: Support SLA are described here: Basic support is done from Monday to Friday. SLA are 8 business hours. Only critical issues (platform down) have a one-hour SLA 24×7. SLA means maximum response time but we usually respond faster. Basic support is done exclusively by mail (no phone calls, […]

How To Use the Free/Busy Tool For Troubleshooting?

This free utility allows you to query the availability of a user and to test your setup. It allows to test the setup of the Freebusy and calendar availability between tenants. The first example queries Office 365 and requests the availability of an Office 365 user. The second example queries Office 365 and requests the […]

Mail Migration Analysis

You are using the Cloudiway platform to migrate mailboxes between Microsoft 365 tenants. After your migration is completed, you may be willing to analyze the migration and may try to check the size of the respective mailboxes or the number of items migrated. This is a difficult task, if not impossible with the few tools […]

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