Get Source Conf Error

Problem When migrating to or from OneDrive, your’re getting the following error: “Start() Error for : Get Source Conf Error : Guid should contain 32 digits with 4 dashes (xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx).” Cause This message means that you have a configuration problem in your OneDrive source connector. The AppID or AppRealm is incorrect. Resolution Follow this […]

Google Groups Wrong Password

Problem During the migration of Google Groups to an Office 365 Unified group or shared mailbox, you have noticed the following error: “Get Groups Error: Login to Google Failed: Invalid Password: Wrong password. Try again.” Cause The credentials configured in the source connector are incorrect. Resolution Correct your email and or password in the source […]

Google Groups Error: Specified Folder Could Not Be Found

Problem During the migration of Google Groups to an Office 365 shared mailbox, you have noticed the following error: “Fatal Error in Group Migration of [Name of Group] Error during folders binding: The specified folder could not be found in the store. Cause During migration, the platform will check whether the target shared mailbox exists. […]

Access Denied For Google Groups

Problem While migrating your groups, you noticed the following error in the logs: “Fatal error during migration process: Initialization of Office 365 Unified [Name of your group] […] Access Denied .” Cause The platform cannot connect to your target Office 365 admin account. Resolution Please check if the admin credentials, configured in your target connector, […]

Zimbra Migration: A Connection Attempt Failed

Problem While migrating from Zimbra you noticed the following error in your logs: “Fatal error during migration process: Failed to authenticate: A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond”. Cause The Zimbra server blocked the […]

No Mailbox With Such Guid Error

Problem While migrating a user to Office 365 or Exchange using Cloudiway, you see the following error: “Test connection Error No mailbox with such guid”. Cause The target email is incorrectly configured. If the target is Office 365, the account does not have any product license (Office 365 license), and/or any Exchange license is not […]

Site Migration: Welcome Page Cannot Be Deleted

Problem At the beginning of your migration to SharePoint site you noticed the following error: “The item that you are trying to delete is the current welcome page and cannot be deleted.”. Cause To avoid conflicts, the platform deletes the already existing pages from the target SharePoint at the beginning of migration and then recreates […]

Zimbra Migration: Failed To Authenticate

Problem While migrating from Zimbra you noticed following error in your logs: “Failed to authenticate: permission denied: need right: adminLoginAs for account [user’s account]”. Cause The admin account configured in your source connector doesn’t have enough permissions to access user’s account. It should be granted LoginAsAdmin rights in order to have access to users’ mailboxes. […]

Cannot Download File Application Vnd.Google-Apps.Form

Problem You are migrating documents from Google Drive to OneDrive or SharePoint Online and you notice the following error in the migration log reports: Cannot download this kind of file (application/ (where is the name of the file. Cause Cloudiway converts Google Drive documents to Office format automatically during the migration to Office 365. […]

Id Not Found In GoogleDriveListId

Problem During migration from Google Sites to SharePoint, the migration returns the following error message: “id not found in GoogleDriveListId” or “Drive audit not done. Migration of drive documents is disabled”. Cause The Google site migration tool is trying to migrate embedded Google Drives but no Drives audit has been performed before the site migration. […]

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