GetUserAvailability Error Information Could Not Be Found In AD

While using PowerShell to set up free/busy requests on Exchange, you receive the following message: GetUserAvailability Error: Microsoft.Exchange.InfoWorker.Common.Availability.AddressSpaceNotFoundException: Configuration information for forest/domain could not be found in Active Directory You must add an available address space for your domain to instruct Office 365 to forward free/busy requests. Please see the following article for step-by-step instructions: […]

Accessing WS Metadata Exchange Failed

Your hitting the following error message: accessing_ws_metadata_exchange_failed: Accessing WS metadata exchange failed. Currently, we have seen this error message only when migrating from GoDaddy. This indicates that the migration account is redirected to the Godaddy SSO homepage. The migration account (the one defined in the source connector) must authenticate natively in the office 365 login […]

How To Migrate From Godaddy

How to migrate from GodaddyThis article explains how to create a migration account that will allow migrating from GoDaddy. Due to various API limitations in office 365, the migration API does not support authentication through SSO ( It must authenticate natively to the Office 365 login portal ( and not be redirected to Godaddy). To […]

The Attempted Action Requires Shared Drive Membership

When migrating Google Team Drives, you’re hitting the following error : [FATAL_ERROR] Fatal error during migration process: Google Api Error Google.Apis.Requests.RequestError The attempted action requires shared drive membership. [403] Errors [ Message[The attempted action requires shared drive membership.] Location[ – ] Reason[teamDriveMembershipRequired] Domain[global] This is because your migration account must be owner (organizer)  of the […]

The Group Alias Already Exists

You are migrating to Office 365 teams or groups and you are hitting the following error message: “The group alias already exists”. There may be several reasons. The email address is already in use. The Sharepoint site is already in use (or in the Trash). The domain specified in the connector is not the default […]

Failed To Find Region For Tenant

When migrating a Microsoft team, you are hitting the following error message. Failed to find region for tenant: ‘aaaaaaa-bbbbb-cccc-dddd-eeeeeeeeeeeee’   This article is intended to troubleshoot this issue. The error is related to the migration account used ( the migration account defined in the target connector). Log in at least one time with this user. […]

How To Find Your Office 365 Tenant Name

This article explains how to find your Office 365 tenant name which is required when creating a connector for Office 365 migrations and coexistence. Solution 1: OneDrive for Business Service Login to Office 365. In the App Launcher, click on the OneDrive App to open in your browser. The url will look like<your user […]

OneDrive Preprocessing Keeps Falling In A Pending State?

What does Preprocessing do? It provisions the OneDrive accounts for the users. It sets the permissions to the migration account. OneDrive provisioning in details: The Cloudiway platform sends a request to Microsoft to provision the drives for 200 users at a time. The request is asynchronous. Microsoft does not process it in real-time. Sometimes, the […]

The Domain Administrators Have Disabled Drive Apps

Problem During a migration or audit of Google drive, you noticed the following error : “Goolge Api Error Google.Apis.Requests.RequestError The domain administrators have disabled Drive apps. [403] Errors [ Message[The domain administrators have disabled Drive apps.] Location[ – ] Reason[domainPolicy] Domain[global] ]” Cause Drive SDK API is not enabled in your Google console. Resolution Please […]

A Duplicate Content Type Was Found SharePoint Error

Problem During a SharePoint migration, you noticed in the logs the following error message: “Error migrating content type [id]:  [Name of the element]: A duplicate content type [Name of the element] was found” Cause Content types are kinds of metadata sometimes used by developers to customize some documents or views. These are probably system metadata […]

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