App Account Configuration

This article explains how to create a service account for migration to Google Drive, OneDrive, Sharepoint Sites, Teams, or Blob storage.

Prerequisites: You must be logged into with an administrator account.

Navigate to

Click on Create New App
Box App Create New App


Select Custom App
Box custom App


For the authentication method, select Server Authentication (with JWT), give a name to your App, check the agreement box then click Create App.
Box App Authentication OAuth JWT

The App is now created.

The next steps configure your application to access the drives of your users without requiring their credentials.

In the Configuration section, in App Access Level, switch from App Access Only to App + Enterprise Access
Box App Enterprise


In Advanced Features, enable “Make API calls using the as-user header” and “Generate user access tokens”.
Box Authentication API calls access tokens


To generate a private key, 2 factors authentication must be enabled.
In a new tab, go to
Under Authentication, Set up 2-Step Verification
Box account 2 step verification

Don’t forget to click on the button Save Changes.


Now that 2 factor Authentication is active, you can generate a private key.
Navigate to your application from : and click on Configuration.
Under Add And Manage Public Keys, click On “Generate a Public/Private KeyPair”
Box Manage Public Keys

The private key is automatically downloaded to your local computer.
Rename it key.json.

You can now disable the 2 steps verification.

Box remove 2 step verification

Finally, authorize the app.
See the App Authorization documentation at the following URL :

Authorize your newly created application.

Box Authorization App

The App Key is the Client ID field in the key.JSON.

Box client ID

Click Authorize.

Now, in the Cloudiway platform, all you have to do is to create a connector of type and upload your key.json file.



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