How To Use A Free/Busy Tool For Troubleshooting?

This free utility allows you to query the availability of a user directly in Office 365 or through the Cloudiway platform.

1. Test Office 365 Free/Busy request

If you want to directly request Office 365, enter as server name and enter an Office 365 account in the admin field.


TestFB.exe -user -server -admin

The command sends an Office 365 availability request for and authenticates using credentials.

Free Busy-Query the availability

If any error occurs, the message will be displayed on the screen.

2. Test Cloudiway Free/Busy server

If you want to test the platform, replace by the Cloudiway server name, and in the admin field, enter the Cloudiway credentials.


TestFB.exe -user -server -admin ConsumerKey


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