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Migration Status

While using Cloudiway’s migration products (File, Mail, Groups, Site), various statuses indicate the progress of every action that has been made. Possible statuses that a user can get are: Not started This is the default status when a user is first created. You can launch an audit. You can start a preprocessing. You can start the […]

Password and Multi Factor Authenticator (MFA)

In this article, we explain how you can change or reset your password and how to use MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) to keep your accounts safe. MFA helps prevent unauthorized access to your account by requiring two different forms of identification. 1. Change the password If you wish to change the password of the main account […]

Switch Domain Global Action

Typically in an Office 365 to Office 365 migration, you will set up your project to access the primary SMTP address of the user in both the source and target.  Since one domain cannot exist in two Office 365 tenants, these email addresses will be different. In the final stages of the project, you will […]

Cloudiway Free Trial

Cloudiway offers a free limited trial licenses for its products. These free trial is meant to allow our customers to test their configuration prior to purchasing migration licenses. You can sign up for this free trial at – Also, please become familiar with the appropriate admin guide(s) for your project – 1 trial […]

How Do I Create An Account On Cloudiway?

It’s free and really easy to join in Cloudiway migration and coexistence platform. Creating an account gives you access to our Free trial and Free support ticket service. Tip: We recommend not creating more than one account to keep all information in one place. You can allow access to your project to external users, learn […]

Deactivate MFA On Your Office 365 Migration Account

Problem During a Mail, Drive, Site, or Teams migration from or to Microsoft 365, you are hitting a 401 unauthorized error message. This error message means that we are unable to connect to your source or target Microsoft 365 tenant programmatically and that is due to one of these reasons: Your email/password provided in the […]

Do I need a Global Admin Service Account for Cloudiway?

All Cloudiway migration tools require some sort of service account with its own set of permissions to function properly. However, not all service accounts require Global Admin or Super Admin rights to your Office 365 or Google tenant. Each migration product has its own Admin Guide describing the full pre-requisites of the tools your project […]

How To Configure Free/Busy In G Suite?

Users in your Exchange/Office 365 organization can share free/busy calendar information with users in Google. This article explains how to configure Google Apps to use Cloudiway Coexistence server. Cloudiway coexistence server is using the Google hook functionality to query the free/busy. How does it work? When a Google Apps Calendar user schedules a meeting, they […]

How To Remove The Free/Busy Configuration

Once you have decided to stop using the Free/Busy service of Cloudiway or if your trial has ended, you need to clean up your configuration. G Suite interop management Go to and go to Apps > G Suite > Calendar Scroll down and click on Calendar interop management. In the Settings tab: Remove value in Exchange Web Service URL Remove value in Exchange Role Account Click […]

Email domain is blocked, Use another

To avoid spam, virus, malware, disposable emails, and unwanted users, we are restricting several email domains from our registration form. Click here if you want to review the list of all free email domain providers that are blocked. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Product: Cloud to Cloud migration tools

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