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Vault Connector Configuration

This article explains how to configure a Vault Connector within the Cloudiway cloud migration platform. Go to Connectors, click NEW, and select Connector Type Vault. Enter the Connector Name, and check Mail as the product. Click Next, and you will see the connector configuration page where you have 2 options: 1. Either use Cloudiway’s Google […]

Considerations For Folder Binding

Cloudiway synchronizes  folders between source and target mailboxes before migrating mails. This step may fail for different reasons. IMAP migration In IMAP or in Google, a user can flag a folder in order to hide it from IMAP. If this happens, the folder and its content is ignored since Cloudiway cannot access its content through IMAP. To resolve this […]

What Is Migrated During A SharePoint Migration?

Following this Sharepoint Online Migration product page with the list of what is migrated, here is the complete list, from SharePoint Online to SharePoint Online. What is migrated? Top Navigation bar Quick Launch bar Permissions at site level. Structure of site Welcome Page URLs (rewritten during the migration) Document Libraries Lists (Discussion boards, Microfeeds, Announcements, Event […]

Steps To Update Signature Information For O365 and Google Tenants

Office 365 tenant Following the creation and implementation of your signature to your Office 365 tenant for the first time (see the admin guide here), you may want to add, remove or change some information about the user. Here are the steps that need to be followed to implement the changes to the user’s signatures. […]

Distribution List Migration From Google to Office 365

Cloudiway’s mailbox migration tool has a distinct migration list to manage the migration of distribution lists from Google Workspace to Office 365.  This migration tool can be used to identify distribution lists in the source tenant and populate the migration list, as well as provision distribution lists in the target. The setup and usage of […]

Pre-Staging Migration

What is a Pre-staging migration? A pre-staging migration is a multipass migration where you will migrate most of the mailbox items before the final cutover. This scenario is useful if network bandwidth is low and you estimate that you won’t be able to do your migration during a weekend. Therefore, during a couple of days/weeks […]

GDrive To OneDrive Using Routing Table

By default, Cloudiway migrates only files owned by the user. The Google Drive to OneDrive migration process offers the possibility to migrate an entire specific folder content (Owned and Not Owned Files) to a specific OneDrive target. Therefore, a collaborative folder will get exploded, and each user will end up with a piece of this […]

Limitations During File Migration

This article explains the different limitations you have to consider regarding the File migration product.   As mentioned in this article, several items are not migrated from Google Drive. Character Limitations During File Migration Specific characters are not allowed for use in folder and file names within OneDrive and SharePoint. Path length limitation is a […]

Lotus Notes Connector

This article explains how to configure a Lotus Notes Connector to use the Cloudiway Platform Mail migration product from Lotus Notes to Google Workspace or Microsoft Exchange / Office 365.   How it works? The solution requires an agent running On-Premises. The agent is in charge of communicating with the Cloudiway platform.  The Cloudiway platform never tries […]

Free Busy Key Features & Functions Explained

Following this Free/Busy Admin Guide, after the configuration of your connectors and the remote system settings. You will be able to access and edit both Global Settings & Configuration from the Freebusy Drop-down Panel on the left hand side of the menu as indicated in the screenshot below: Free Busy Global Settings Enables the option […]

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