Migrating HTML Content For SharePoint Error

This article covers the cause and remediation of the “Error migrating HTML content” error message during a Google Sites to SharePoint migration. If the information here is not solving your issue, contact the support team and we will assist you with your problem. The error: “Error migrating HTML content for page Test Page: The file […]

File Owner Not Found Error

This article covers the causes and remediation of the “File owner not found” error message during a Google Sites migration. If the information here is not solving your issue, contact the support team and we will assist you with your problem. The File owner not found error: “File owner not found: ” TestDocName.txt” – ID: […]

Dashboards Options And Statuses

Dashboards are essential for monitoring your migration performance, mailboxes, files, sites, groups migration statuses, and more from one place. They are an important part of any migration project. They provide a visual overview of how your migration is progressing, allowing you to monitor each step in the process. In this article, we explain the different […]

Characters limitation error for Signature Google tenants

While trying to applicate Signature for Google tenants, you may have to deal with the following error message: “Set signature error for Google.Apis.Requests.RequestError Signature exceeds maximum length of 10000 characters [400] Errors [ Message[Signature exceeds maximum length of 10000 characters] Location[ – ] Reason[invalidArgument] Domain[global] ]” Cause It is a Google limitation that can’t […]

How to assign Mailbox Import Export role in Exchange Online

To assign the Mailbox Import Export role in Exchange Online, you may either use Admin Exchange Center or the PowerShell: Using Admin Exchange Center Go to Admin Exchange Center, open Roles, and select Admin roles as shown in the picture below. The right section of the screen should be populated now with available admin roles. […]

Could not add the Migration Account as a Manager of Shared Drive

While migrating or auditing a Google Shared Drive, you might face the following error: “Could not add migration account as Organizer of Shared Drive. Scope ‘’ is needed. Google.Apis.Requests.RequestError Bad Request. User message: “Sorry, you cannot share with that many individual recipients. You can share with more people by using Google Groups.” [400] Errors [ […]

PowerShell Max Number Of Sessions Exceeded

In some cases when you are trying to perform multiple actions at the same time (sessions), you may face the following error: “Max number of PowerShell sessions exceeded. Please wait for other jobs to finish and try again later” There is a limitation on the maximum number of sessions. The current maximum number of sessions […]

Google Vault Mapping File Limitation

During a Google Vault migration, you may come up with an error message: “Warning: The PST mapping file contains some missing target address entries. It needs to be adjusted manually.” What causes the PST mapping file error Google Vault export is generating 1 pst file for every 1Gb of data. Cloudiway generates mapping files up […]

SharePoint Online : Enable Custom Script

You’re migrating from a SharePoint site to a SharePoint site, and you’re missing many pages in the target site: You need to make sure that the custom script is enabled in your target tenant. SharePoint Online requires the custom script to be enabled to migrate the pages. Otherwise, you’ll get the following error for the […]

How To Open A Support Ticket

Cloudiway has support and analysis tools. Cloudiway support is free but can’t be unlimited, please make sure you have read and accepted all the conditions explained in the following article before opening a ticket: Support Rules   Once you have created your account, your project, purchased licenses and followed the admin guides. Our support entry point […]

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