Duplicates Management During File Migration

In the File Migration Global Settings, you can choose whether a file at the target should be kept if a file at the source has an identical name. For example, if menu.docx exists at both the source and target, and you choose to Overwrite: discard the file at the target and replace it with the […]

User MailFile Not Found Lotus Notes Error

Problem During a Mail migration from Lotus Notes, you noticed in the Agent’s Console the following error message: Error:”user mailFile Not found”. Cause The platform cannot find the nsf file of a migrating user. Resolution Make sure that user exists in your source domain and/or spelled correctly in the platform. Once corrected, restart your migration.

File Migration: Cannot Find The Default Document Library

Problem You are migrating to OneDrive, and noticed the following error: Cannot Find the default document Library. Please check the permissions for the migration account Cause The account configured in the One Drive connector doesn’t have rights to access the user’s One Drive. Resolution Run the PreProcessing task to set the permissions or Assign the […]

The Remote Server Returned An Error (429) File Migration

Problem While migrating to SharePoint/One Drive you noticed the following error in your logs: “Error : [Target Connector] – The remote server returned an error: (429)”. Cause The error occurs when you start too many users at the same time, and target system forcibly closes the connections due to throttling policy. Resolution Restart your migrations […]

File Migration: Unable To Find Target Drive Or Library

Problem During a migration to OneDrive, you have noticed the following error: “Unable to find Document List”. Cause The platform can not find the target Document library (user’s drive or a target folder). Resolution Run the PreProcessing task on the impacted user. Once done, restart the migration. If you migrate to a specific folder of […]

Files Not Visible In The Teams Channel

Problem: During a Teams to Teams migration, you are not finding your files in one or multiple channels of your Team. Cause: The files of a Team are stored in the underlying SharePoint site associated with the Team. Each channel has a folder with the same name that is created under the Document Library of […]

Attempted to Perform an Unauthorized Operation Error

When you get this error, it means that you have to preprocess the file before starting the migration. It can happen when the target is OneDrive. To run the preprocessing task, follow the 6.2. Perform Preprocessing step from our admin guide:

Unable to connect to target Teams Error

Problem When migrating a Private Channel in Teams, you have noticed the following error: “FATAL_ERROR : Unable to connect to target teams: Unable to generate SkypeToken to Provision Channel SP site. Error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.”. Cause We can’t provision the SharePoint Site of the Team’s Private Channel. It […]

GALSync – Google Shared Contacts Not Visible

After synchronization within the Cloudiway GALSync product, you may not see the shared contacts in your Google Address book. Your settings may be configured to not show Domain Shared Contacts. Resolution: Open the Google Admin Panel. Navigate to directory / Directory Settings and enter the Contact Sharing Settings. Under Choose what is shown in the […]

Why File Licenses are needed for Google Sites Migration

Google Sites and GDrive work closely together since you can embed Google Drive documents or folders in a Google Sites. This article explains how Cloudiway proceeds and why you need File Migration Licenses to migrate your Google Sites. Google Drive Files Embedded In A Google Sites Google Sites stores only the file ID of the […]

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