How To Troubleshoot Free/Busy

This KB article will help you to troubleshoot your configuration for the Free/Busy component of Cloudiway’s enterprise coexistence service. Always check the User list On the Cloudiway platform, in the Free Busy, User List If the user list is not empty, ensure that the user that you are trying to lookup is defined in the […]

Cannot Connect To The Parent Site – SharePoint Error

Problem During migration from and/or to SharePoint sites, you have noticed the following error: ” FATAL_ERROR for the site [Name of the site]: Cannot connect to the parent site [url of the site].”. Cause The [Name of the sites] was checked-out to one of the users for editing purposes and the platform cannot connect to […]

Invalid Sites Path (WebspaceNotFound) Google Sites Error

Problem During a migration from Google Sites to SharePoint, the migration or audit task fails with the following error message: “Invalid sites path (WebspaceNotFound)”. Cause 1 The site does not exist or your migration account (defined in the source connect) doesn’t have enough permissions to access this site. Resolution Make sure, that the site exists […]

The Web Site Does Not Support SharePoint Online Credentials

During a migration, you’re hitting the following error message: Fatal Error: Cannot contact web site ‘’ or the website does not support SharePoint Online credentials. The exact error message is: Fatal Error: Cannot contact web site ‘’ or the website does not support SharePoint Online credentials. The response status code is ‘Unauthorized’. The response headers […]

Connection To The Site Failed. Please Verify Your Credentials…

Problem: During a SharePoint, Teams, or Office 365 migration, you are facing the error: Connection to the site /sites/… failed. Please verify your credentials and make sure you have access to this site.   Resolution: As mentioned in the error message, the migration engine is not able to connect to the site for either one […]

Google Connector: 403 Error: “Only Administrators Can Request Entries Belonging To {Domain}.”

Problem In the logs you noticed the following error: “code”: 403, “message”: “Only administrators can request entries belonging to {domain}.” Cause The account provided doesn’t have the permission to perform the action Resolution Generally, set more permission to the account. In the case of Galsync, Turn on Contact Sharing Give permission”Directory settings” to the account

Support Credit Rules

Basic (Free) support is included within any licenses* Free support doesn’t mean unlimited support. The following logic applies to determine the amount of free support available and how it is used. Usually, the quantity of free support is sufficient for your project but it may happen that the ratio of support consumed versus the number […]

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