How To Migrate Files Into A Specific Folder

To migrate file data in a specific folder, you need only to specify the path where you want to migrate in the “Edit User” interface. Example: If you want to migrate in a folder called “Specific Folder” that exits under the root document “Files”: Remarks: If the “Specific Folder” does not exist, it will be […]

Export Google Calendar ICS File Manually

Problem Your migration of calendars from Google is in a fatal error: “The remote server returned an error: 500 Internal server error.” Cause Sometimes, The platform is unable to download the Calendar events programmatically from Google. Usually, the reason behind this is the ICS file being too large. Resolution Please export the ICS file manually […]

How to Install the OneDrive Viewer Web Part

The Google Site Migration product migrates Google Drive content to the OneDrive of the users. There is no default OneDrive viewer for folder content in SharePoint. Cloudiway provides a OneDrive folder viewer. You need to install it on your tenant before the migration of your sites. Navigate to the SharePoint admin portal: https://<tenantname> Click on […]

What is the Mapping Table used for?

The mapping table is used to convert email addresses everywhere it is needed. It is used to convert email addresses found during the migration. For Mail Migration, it is used to convert email addresses in: Mail headers Contacts appointments (Calendar entries) For Drive Migration, Sites, Groups, and Teams migration: It is used to convert permissions […]

How To Fill The Users/Groups CSV File?

If you have a CSV file of all your users, you can upload the file to Cloudiway. A sample CSV file is available for download during the Import. Note that many browsers limit CSV file uploads to 5000 lines, so files larger than that should be split up and uploaded separately. Data already uploaded will […]

How To Disable Two-Step Identification In Google Workspace

During Google Site migration, the Cloudiway platform uses the login details you provided to access all sites with admin rights. If you have switched on two-step authentication for this login, Google will send a code that’s inaccessible to Cloudiway. You will need to turn off two-step verification for successful site migration. You may have already been […]

How To Manually Set Permissions For An Administrator Account In OneDrive

By default, administrators don’t have access to any OneDrive. However, it’s possible to grant access to the accounts of your choice. This article shows how to manually grant permissions. Manually create an Administrator account for OneDrive Go the SharePoint administration center. In User profiles, click Open. Under “People” select “Manage User Profiles”. In the search bar, […]

How To Verify And Modify The URL Of A OneDrive Profile

There are some circumstances where a OneDrive user profile URL is not the standard URL derived from the user’s email address. Usually, a OneDrive user profile is a combination of several pieces of data: default prefix of the OneDrive site (for example,; /personal prefix; email address with extended characters replaced by underscores. For example, […]

How To Migrate Files From A Specific Folder In Google Drive

To migrate file data from a specific folder, you need only to specify the folderId in the “Create a new User” or “Edit User” interface. Example: If you want to migrate from a folder whose identifier is “1wmYqzt7jF1lcAy9E_9-tD0f2nYiHTOn7”, you have to mention this FolderId when you specify your source Email address: Source Email address: FolderId: “1wmYqzt7jF1lcAy9E_9-tD0f2nYiHTOn7” (You […]

How To Create A DropBox App – Access Token

This article explains how to create a service account for migrating Dropbox drives to Google Drive, OneDrive, Sharepoint Sites, Teams, or Blob storage. Prerequisites: You must be logged into with an administrator account. Navigate to Click on Create App Select Scoped access, Full Dropbox, enter an app name, and create app. Go to the […]

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