How To Configure Free/Busy In G Suite?

Users in your Exchange/Office 365 organization can share free/busy calendar information with users in Google. This article explains how to configure Google Apps to use Cloudiway Coexistence server. Cloudiway coexistence server is using the Google hook functionality to query the free/busy. How does it work? When a Google Apps Calendar user schedules a meeting, they […]

How To Remove The Free/Busy Configuration

Once you have decided to stop using the Free/Busy service of Cloudiway or if your trial has ended, you need to clean up your configuration. G Suite interop management Go to and go to Apps > G Suite > Calendar Scroll down and click on Calendar interop management. In the Settings tab: Remove value in Exchange Web Service URL Remove value in Exchange Role Account Click […]

2 Ways To Count How Many Site Collections You Have

Before you want to migrate your SharePoint site collections, you may want to count the number of active classic site collections. They are two quick and easy ways to check how many site collections are in your account. Connect to your Office account: 1. Classic site collection page The second method is by going in […]

How To Set Coexistence Google Rooms And Resources

This article explains how to allow coexistence of rooms, resources, and equipment between G Suite and an external system such as Exchange or Office 365. Important consideration: Google Rooms and resources cannot be booked outside of a Google client calendar (you can test this by trying to send an appointment to the email address of a […]

How To Create Azure Apps Registration

This article explains how to register an application in Azure Active Directory in order to give access to Graph APIs. The following steps will generate the Client Id and Client Secret needed in your Cloudiway connectors. Step 1: Create a new Application. Login to Azure portal using your Office 365 administrator account. Go to Select […]

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