General Information

Migration Status

While using Cloudiway’s migration products (File, Mail, Groups, Site), various statuses indicate the progress of every action that has been made. Possible statuses that a user can get are: Not started This is the default status when a user is first created. You can launch an audit. You can start a preprocessing. You can start the […]

Free Support VS Consulting Services

While both focus on helping customers, the difference between consulting services and support is that consulting services is a specific type of customer service involving other skills than documentation, product feedback, and technical problem-solving. The support agent links the customer to documentation written and/or walks the customer through the appropriate steps. In comparison, consultants are […]

How To Open A Support Ticket

Cloudiway has support and analysis tools. Cloudiway support is free but can’t be unlimited, please make sure you have read and accepted all the conditions explained in the following article before opening a ticket: Support Rules   Once you have created your account, your project, purchased licenses and followed the admin guides. Our support entry point […]

Support Rules

Cloudiway support is free but can’t be unlimited. Cloudiway has support rules to minimize time spent on processing and solving tickets.  This is the price to pay to keep support free. If you do not agree with the following rules of free support, you have the ability to purchase paid services or paid support.   […]

File Migration Performance Considerations

This article covers the primary performance considerations when migrating files.   1. Microsoft Import Service instead of CSOM For migration to Microsoft 365, Cloudiway is leveraging the Microsoft Import Service. It is usually the bottleneck of the migration. Why are we using this service? Files can be migrated to SharePoint (SharePoint sites, Team sites, OneDrive) […]

How Do I Pay An Invoice ?

This article explains how to pay an invoice in the Cloudiway Platform. You should use this procedure in case if you need to pay an invoice already prepared by our sales team.   To pay your invoice, log into your account at   From the main screen, use the dropdown button SHOP then click on “Invoice […]

How Long Are Migration Records Kept?

The Cloudiway migration platform is designed as a migration engine, not a long-term synchronization tool (our coexistence platform may be used for long-term sharing of data between different systems). Therefore the migration records are regularly deleted. There are two possibilities: You choose to delete migration records at the end of your migration project If you […]

How To Migrate Data From Google To Microsoft 365?

After initially choosing to use Google Workspace in your work environment, you’ve now decided to switch to Microsoft 365. This article explains how to migrate from Google to Microsoft 365 using a combination of Cloudiway products. Features of the Cloudiway tools Cloudiway provides a single solution for all the steps of your migration: user and […]

How To Buy Premium Support And/Or Services Packages ?

This article explains how to buy Cloudiway Support Packages or Services. We include in all our licenses free Basic Support to help you face issues at each step of your data migration. For more advanced expectations, we encourage users to subscribe to our Premium Support packages to cover issues out of business hours during evenings or weekends… The consultant’s scope of expertise […]

Google Shared Drives Permissions Mappings

The Google Shared Drives preprocessing task creates the target, whether it is a Microsoft Teams or a Sharepoint modern Site, and maps the memberships based on your mapping table. 1 – If you are migrating from Google Shared Drives to Sharepoint, here is what you should expect: Manager: The user or Group will be added […]

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