General Information

How Does The Free/Busy Work?

Free/Busy is part of the coexistence range of tools: it manages cross-platform communication with no impact on the end-user. It provides a seamless connection between vastly different remote systems, such as G Suite (Google Apps), Office 365, and Exchange. Free/Busy lookup service allows the end-user to query calendar availability through two or more different systems. […]

Free Busy Queries Between Google And Office 365

The main feature of the coexistence server is to perform Free busy queries between Google Apps, Office 365, and Exchange servers. This allows the sharing of free/busy information between Google, Office 365, and Exchange servers. Cloudiway coexistence server is a set of services that enables Google Apps, Office 365, and Exchange to query the calendar […]

Support Credit Rules

Basic (Free) support is included within any licenses* Free support doesn’t mean unlimited support. The following logic applies to determine the amount of free support available and how it is used. Usually, the quantity of free support is sufficient for your project but it may happen that the ratio of support consumed versus the number […]

How Teams Migration Works

This article explains what Teams migration does and how it works. First, there is a discovery on the platform that discovers all the teams and groups. Once the groups and teams are discovered, the Preprocessing task recreates all the Groups and Teams, creates the associated SharePoint sites, and migrates the memberships (Owners and Members of […]

How GALSync fields are mapped between tenants

Transforming data, between 2 different tenants on G Suite and Office 365 leads to data loss. Some data are lost because the contact could not recognize the data from the source. The GALSync product takes users and groups from the source and transforms them into a new source contact. Here is how the data is […]

What are Cloudiway’ features?

Cloudiway platform has an extensive list of tools and features, as it is constantly evolving, this list is constantly growing 😀 Available tools: Mailbox migration File/Drive migration Collaboration Site migration Groups migration Archive migration Enterprise coexistence Calendar Free/Busy synchronization for users on different systems GALsync to automatically synchronize global address lists Features: Audit your architecture Import […]

How Is Security Handled In Cloudiway SaaS Platform?

Cloudiway platform (migration, coexistence, and Identity Management) is a cloud-based application hosted in Windows Azure. It means that the software and data are centrally hosted and accessed by clients using a web browser and internet connection. At Cloudiway, we take your privacy and security seriously and as such we have invested significant effort in making […]

License Management

In this article, you will find answers to common questions about licensing, we explain how to: Display your license summary. How and when a license is burned (consumed) or expired after 3 months of unlimited delta passes. We clarify the different limitations between the Trial, Nonprofit, and Standard licenses. Select the license type Limit the […]

Cloudiway Performance

There are several considerations regarding email migration performance. The Cloudiway migration platform uses all available resources to provide the fastest migration possible and can support both small and large migrations. The on-demand migration engine allocates the capacity that you need to migrate the volume of data of your choice in the time slot you have […]

About Cloudiway Security

We take your privacy and security seriously at Cloudiway, and we have invested significant effort into making our platform and your data secure. Cloudiway provides a cloud-based application hosted on Windows Azure. It means that the software and data are centrally hosted and accessed by clients using a web browser and internet connection. In addition, […]

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