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Duplicates Management During File Migration

In the File Migration Global Settings, you can choose whether a file at the target should be kept if a file at the source has an identical name. For example, if menu.docx exists at both the source and target, and you choose to Overwrite: discard the file at the target and replace it with the […]

Delta Migration During Mail Migration With Cloudiway

This article describes how delta migration works.   Delta migration during a Mail Migration Cloudiway migration internally stores a reference (messageID or ItemID)  to all items it migrates. When you remigrate a mailbox (delta pass), items that have already been pushed are not migrated again. The delta pass mechanism ensures that no duplicate content is created in […]

Unable To Run A Delta Pass (More Than 3 Months Old)

While starting a new delta pass, you are hitting the error message “Unable to run a delta pass. Your first successful pass is more than 3 months old”. Licenses have no expiration date. Once you have purchased a license, you can use it whenever you want. However, once you have succesfully migrated a user, a […]

Cutover VS Staged: The Best Migration Strategy

Before understanding the critical difference between Cutover and Staged Migrations, we want to emphasize that Cloudiway is more than a migration tool. It is essential for us to apprehend the time it will take to move all of your data over to avoid throttles and bandwidth constraints. Two of the most common migration strategies are […]

What is the Mapping Table used for?

The mapping table is used to convert email addresses everywhere it is needed. It is used to convert email addresses found during the migration. For Mail Migration, it is used to convert email addresses in: Mail headers Contacts appointments (Calendar entries) For Drive Migration, Sites, Groups, and Teams migration: It is used to convert permissions […]

Character Limitations During File Migration

This article explains the different character limitations you have to consider regarding your folder and file names. While some limitations come from Microsoft, you may face other unexpected restrictions between different tenants, such as Google Workspace to Microsoft 365.   1. Invalid characters Certain characters are not allowed for use in folder and file names […]

Cannot Contact Site At The Specified URL

Problem to contact Site You notice the following error message in your migration logs : Start() Error for : Unable to connect to the target : Unable to login to ‘’ Cannot contact site at the specified URL   Cause 1: During File Migration This is because the OneDrive account for this user […]

What Is The Preprocessing Task For File Migration?

Preprocessing is a task that can be executed before a file migration. The task will be used only when OneDrive is a target. Scenario Description of the PreProcessing task Google Drive in source Check credentials (service account & private key) Save the Google display name in our DataBase OneDrive in source Check credentials (admin/password, AppId/AppSecret/AppRealm) Gives […]

How native Google Drive files are migrated

This article explains how native Google Drive files are migrated. During a migration from a Google Drive to another system (OneDrive or SharePoint Online), native Google Drive files are converted to Microsoft Office documents. The following table shows how they’re matched up: During migration from one Google Drive to another, native Google Documents are migrated as native Google […]

Google Groups: What Is Migrated And What Are The Considerations?

Prerequisites Mapping table : In order to migrate the list of users who have subscribed to the Google group, a mapping table of users must be defined. The list of mail users to migrate is used as a mapping table as it defines the source and email address of every user. You can add a user […]

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